Emancipation Proclamation Day
Holy Communion and Epiphany
A Service of Healing (For those suffering emotional distress, grief, divorce, and physical ailments)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.¡¯s Birthday (Beloved Community Day)
African Heritage Sunday
Ash Wednesday
MAAFA Service
Contemporary Heroes and Heroines Day
Anti-Incarceration Day
Jesus and Women
Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Jesus and Economic Justice Sunday
Earth Day
Jesus and Hip Hop Culture (Young Adult Sunday)
Youth Day
Mother’s Day and Pentecost
Stewardship of Tithes and Talents
Christian Education Sunday (Sunday School and Bible Training Emphasis)
Children’s Sunday  (Birth–Age 12)
Pastor’s Anniversary
Father’s Day
Graduation Sunday
Arts Day
Independence Day (Honoring those who helped gain our independence)
Usher's Day
Stewardship of Time (Volunteerism)
Men’s Day
Missionary Sunday
Seniors, Elders, and Grandparents Day
Revival I
Revival II
Celebration of Vocations (Labor Day)
Ecumenical Day of Worship
Women’s Day
Homecoming (Family and Friends Day)
Cancer Awareness
Choir Anniversary
Martyr’s Sunday (All Saints Day)
Kinship and Singles Sunday
Marriage Enrichment Sunday
Anti-Addiction Day
Family Enrichment Day
Disability Awareness
Jesus and Children (Birth–Age 12)
Church Anniversary
Anti-Domestic Violence Day
Health Day
Installation of Officers/Leaders  (and Celebration of All Church Leaders)
Thanksgiving Day
First Sunday of Advent & World AIDS Day
Second Sunday of Advent
Third Sunday of Advent
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Watch Night

Single Units in the Calendar

World Communion Sunday
Resurrection Remix: Strengthening the Community
Resurrection Remix: Strengthening the Family
Election Day
Justice Emphasis Sunday
Bridging Communities Day (Blacks and Persons of Other Ethnicities Worshiping Together)
Pastoral Installation Sunday
Celebration of Black History
Ordination of Protestant Deacons and Other Non-Clergy Persons
Diversity Sunday
Prayer for Government Officials Day


2013 Units


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