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Welcome to the Dialogue Corner of The African American Lectionary. This corner is a result of requests by users of the Lectionary for articles, videos, webinars, etc., that comprise an in-depth look at issues of importance to the African American faith community and others. We promise to provide readers great articles, views from the hood, a wide range of topics, and an experience that you have likely not had before on a lectionary website!

Future materials will include offerings from youths and young adults who will give us their perspective on what is important to them for our faith community to know. We may talk about Africa, politics, art, prayer, illiteracy, economics, fashion, and so much more. Nothing is off-limits if it will aid our people.

We are excited about the potential of this section of the Lectionary to bring about rich dialogue, deeper study, and positive change in areas of our faith community. We hope that you will visit the corner throughout the year. Materials and videos will be archived.

Also, after you have read an article, viewed a video or image, or listened to a song, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section of the Dialogue Corner and/or on our Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting the Lectionary, and remember that robust, diverse, and open dialogue will strengthen our faith community.


Martha Simmons, Creator of The African American Lectionary

Dr. Otis Moss on Hip Hop

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