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Welcome to The African American Lectionary’s Books List. Contained on this area of our website are all books used by writers and indicated for further study since the inception of the Lectionary. More than 400 books are provided. We have listed the annual days on the calendar to which these books correspond to aid you in further study.

All of these books may be purchased by contacting the authors, their publishers, or online book sellers.

To view the other more than 4,500 pages of material on our website, return to the Home Page and use the navigation buttons located in the top blue box. Click any button (Lectionary commentaries, cultural resources, worship resources, etc.) to be directed to that material for a particular year. Remember, all material prior to 2011 is archived. To quickly navigate through the material, click the archive for the year in which you wish to search. Then scroll and click. All material can be easily printed and many of the audio recordings and videos are downloadable.

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