Sermon Illustrations

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A Christian’s Reward -   George Champion

A Life of Faith -   Jason Turner

The All-Seeing Eye of God -   Ralph D. West

Always Focus on the Savior -   Ralph D. West

Always Rejoice -   Charles Adams

Applying the Scriptures -   Anonymous

Avoiding Moral Failures -   Maurice Watson

Avoiding Satan -   Eddie Long

Battling in the Faith -   Portia Lee

Being a Representative of Christ -   Selwyn Bachus

Being Led By God -   Maurice Watson

Betrayal -   Alando Davis

Bible Study -   Selwyn Bachus

Blessings -   George Miller, Jr.

Blessings -   Walter Carter

Blessings -   George Miller, Jr.

Blessings -   Eric J. Freeman

Blessings -   Derrick Hughes

The Blood of Jesus -   Derrick Hughes

Bosco -   Michael Hych

Brokenness -   Matthew Whatley

Callings -   Gardner C. Taylor

The Certainty of Death -   Samuel D. Proctor

The Child Who Finished Strong -   Eugene Gibson

Christ Shed Blood -   Samuel Proctor

Christian Effectiveness -   William Robinson

Christian Foundation -   Mark Jefferson

Christian Growth -   Ralph D. West

Christian Growth/Patience -   Gardner C. Taylor

Christian Identity -   Timothy Jackson

Christian Living -   James Jackson

Christian Maturity -   Howard-John Wesley

Christian Maturity -   Tamika Bell

Christian Maturity -   Eugene Gibson

Christian Potential -   Romell Williams

Christian Tools -   Michael Oyedokun

Christian Unity -   Tamika Bell

Christian Unity -   Myisha Cherry

Churchill Was Kicked Out of Boarding School -   George Champion

The Cleansing Blood of Jesus -   Caesar Clark

Cleansing From Sin -   Linda Guy

A Closed Mind Equals a Famished Soul -   Sandy F. Ray

Co-Laboring with God -   Youtha Hardman-Cromwell

The Comforter -   Larry Trotter

Conquerors -   George Champion

Consistent Integrity -   Dennis V. Proctor

Constant Christian Behavior -   Samuel D. Proctor

Consulting God -   Selwyn Bachus

Continuing Reservations -   Sandy F. Ray

The Cost of Discipleship -   Jerry Black

Creation -   Denny Davis

The Danger of Stealing -   Martha Simmons

Destiny -   Janae Pitts

Discerning God’s Will -   Ralph D. West

Disciples of Christ -   Napoleon Harris

Discipline -   Martha Simmons

Divine Assistance -   Timothy Jackson

Divine Purpose -   Reginald Bell, Jr.

Don’t Make God Sorry That… -   Rameh Wright

Ducks in a Row -   Takisha Strong

Elevation -   Todd Davidson

Endurance -   Frederick Sampson

Enemies as Footstools -   John Guns

An Eternal Home -   Howard-John Wesley

Eternal Life -   Charles Turner

Eternal Life -   Ramona Joseph

Eternal Salvation -   Anthony T. Evans

Eternity -   Charles Turner

Evangelism -   Brandon Porter

Exalting God -   Cameron Cooley

Faith -   John McKinney

Faith -   Claude Alexander

Faith -   Timothy Jackson

Faith -   A. Louis Patterson

Faith in God -   Anonymous

Fallow Ground -   Tim Rainey

Fallow Hearts -   George Champion

Fathoming God -   Preston Taylor

Fear Not -   William D. Rosser

Fellowship with God -   Anthony (Tony) Evans

Few Laborers -   George Champion

Finishing the Course -   Marvin McMickle

Following God -   Anonymous

Forgiveness -   George Champion

Forgiveness -   Anonymous

Freedom -   John Guns

Fruit of the Spirit -   George Champion

Frustrated in the Dark -   Eustacia Moffett Marshall

The Fullness of God -   Otis Moss, III

Funerals/Periods of Grief -   Christopher Davis

Getting to Know Jesus -   Frank Thomas

Give God Your All -   Dexter Nutall

God Answers Prayer -   D.E. King

God as our Guide -   Eustacia Moffett Marshall

God Empowers -   Walter Carter

God Enables Us -   Reginald Bell Jr.

God Focused -   Nicole Massie

God Is Always Present -   D.E. King

God Is Ever Present -   Derrick Rice

God Is in Control -   Sir Walter Lee Mack, Jr.

God Knows When We’ve Had Enough -   Errol Domingue

God Owns Creation -   Reginald Bell Jr.

God Prepares Us -   Carolyn Ann Knight

God Sees Value in All -   Mark Anthony Clifton Sr.

God Was Taking My Picture -   Vivian Brown

God Will Take Care of You -   Ralph D. West

In God’s Care -   Eugene L. Gibson, Jr.

God’s Covering -   Sir Walter Lee Mack, Jr.

God’s Creation Is Priceless -   Reginald Bell Jr.

God’s Faithfulness -   Janae Pitts

God’s Increase -   Tim Rainey

God’s Intentions -   Maurice Watson

God’s Order -   Derrick Hughes

Godly Aims -   Charles Turner

God's Plan -   Timothy Jackson

A Good Spouse is a Jewel -   Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

Grace -   Tim Rainey

Grace -   Eric E. Baldwin

Grace -   Jamison Hunter

Gratitude -   Nicole Massie

Guilt and Shame -   Samuel D. Proctor

Healing -   George Champion

Healing -   Carmen Avery

Hearing God -   F. Bruce Williams

Heaven -   Eric Baldwin

Heaven -   Brian C. Ellis-Gibbs

Heaven -   Leo Daniels

Heaven -   Napoleon Harris

Heaven Banquet Table -   Linda Guy

Help When Bogged Down -   Sandy F. Ray

Helping Others Has Its Rewards -   Sean McMillian

The High Price Paid on Calvary -   Sheron Patterson

The Holy Ghost -   George Champion

The Holy Spirit -   Anonymous

The Holy Spirit -   George Champion

The Holy Spirit -   George Champion

The Holy Spirit -   Emery Lindsey

The Holy Spirit -   Reginald Bell, Jr.

Hope Brought Me Back -   Terrence Houston

Housing the Soul -   Robert Charles Scott

How God Designed Humanity -   Carolyn Ann Knight

How We Reach Our Destinies -   Claudette Copeland

Hypocrisy -   Sheron Patterson

Identity -   Reginald Bell, Jr.

In the Will of God -   Timothy Jackson

It Ain’t Over until It’s Over -   Eustacia Moffett Marshall

Jesus -   George Miller, Jr.

Jesus, Our Propitiation -   Carolyn Ann Knight

Just the Form of Godliness -   Michael W. Waters

Know When to Look to God -   Samuel D. Proctor

Kononia -   Robert Smith

Learning From Mistakes -   John R. Bryant

Live in Expectancy -   Marcus Cosby

Live in Unison -   Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

Living and Dying -   Kirk Byron Jones

Making People Cry While hearing the 23rd Psalm -   Anonymous

Maneuvering Through Life -   Christopher M. Jones

Manhood -   Victor Alfred

Mature Disciples -   Oscar Brown

Maturing as a Christian -   Eric Baldwin

Maybe, Maybe Not -   Reginald Bell, Jr.

Mercy -   Paul Booth

Mercy -   Timothy Jackson

Miles, the Dog Who Loves Cookies -   Eustacia Moffett Marshall

The Ministry of a Person with MLS -   Gardner C. Taylor

My Daddy Has the Key -   Phillip Pointer

The Need for a Power Source -   Carolyn Ann Knight

A New Creation -   Matthew Watley

New Creatures in Christ -   Romel Williams

Not Having Salvation -   Ural H. Hill

Obedience -   Timothy Jackson

Obedience -   Carmen Avery

Omnipotence -   Timothy Jackson

The Omnipotence of God -   Wendell Smith

The Omnipotence of God -   Youtha Hardman-Cromwell

The Omniscience of God -   Derrick Rice

The Omniscience of God -   Leo Daniels

The Only Route to Heaven -   Sandy F. Ray

Openness Before God -   Eugene Gibson

Oppressing Your Own -   Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

Overcoming -   Frederick Douglas Haynes, III

Overcoming Tribulation -   George Champion

Pastoring -   Anonymous

Perseverance -   Freddie Haynes

Persistence Prevails -   D.E. King

Pleasing God -   Anonymous

Potential -   Romel Williams

The Power of Prayer -   Carolyn Showell

The Power of Salvation -   Anonymous

Praise -   Cedrick Von Jackson

Praise -   Anonymous

Prayer -   Timothy Jackson

Prayer -   Napoleon Harris

Prayer -   Ronald Slaughter

Presence of God -   Fulton Porter

The Presence of God -   James Whitehead

The Presence of the Holy Spirit -   Romel Williams

Propitiation -   Derrick Hughes

The Protection of God -   C.A.W. Clark

Providence -   Jeffery Johnson

Providence -   E. Dewey Smith

Providence -   Charles Goodman

Providence -   Marcus Cosby

Public Praise -   Frank Reid

Purifying of Christians -   George Parks, Jr.

Reaching Souls -   Dennis Proctor

Redeemed -   George Champion

Redemption -   Walter Carter

Redemption -   Reginald Bell, Jr.

Redemption -   Timothy Jackson

Relationship with God -   James Jackson

Relationships -   R. Janae Pitts

Remade -   Derrick Hughes

Remembrance -   D. Darryl Griffin

Reprobation -   George Champion

Resilience -   Frederick Douglass Haynes, III

Resilience -   Frederick Douglas Haynes, III

Revival -   George Champion

A Right Relationship with God -   Clarence E. Moore

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth -   Napoleon Harris

The Safety of God -   Eustacia Moffett Marshall

Sanctification -   Romel Williams

The Scarlet Letter -   Phillip Pointer

Servanthood -   Frederick Douglas Haynes, III

Serving Others Pays Well -   Samuel D. Proctor

Silence Shows Wisdom -   Joe Ratliff

Sin -   George Champion

Sin -   Linda Guy

Sinless -   George Champion

The Sovereignty of God -   Gardner C. Taylor

Sovereignty of God -   Keith McGhee

Spiritual Light -   Lorenza Pharrams

The Stature of God -   Cory Jones

Staying Close to Christ -   Anthony (Tony) Evans

Success -   John McKinney

Surrendering to God -   Eugene Gibson

Tackling Gorillas -   George Champion

Temptation -   Stephen Hall

Thirsting for God -   George Champion

The Tradition of Throwing Fathers into Volcanoes -   George Champion

Trials -   Reginald Bell

Tribulation -   Anonymous

Trust God’s Instructions -   Selwyn Bachus

Trust in God -   Gardner C. Taylor

Trusting God -   Eugene Gibson

Unfettered -   Mark Jefferson

Unison -   Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

Unity -   Reginald Bell, Jr.

Value in All Creation -   J. Lawrence Turner

The Value of a Christian -   George Champion

Vision and Faith -   Van Moody

The Voice of God -   Jamison Hunter

Walk in Step with God -   Ralph D. West

Walking by Faith -   Gardner C. Taylor

Warnings -   Takisha Strong

Washing Dishes -   Marie Taylor

We Are Co-Laborers with God -   Noel Jones

What God Has Next for You -   Raumone V. Burton

What’s Important to Hold on to -   Ralph D. West

The Whole Armor of God -   Raumone V. Burton

Wise use of Money -   Herman H. Watts

Work of the Holy Spirit -   Anthony T. Evans

Worship -   Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

Worship under Threat of Persecution -   George Champion


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