In 2006, The African American Lectionary Project sent questionnaires to 10,000 African American clergy of all denominations as well as a small percentage of non-denominational churches. The survey indicated that clergy believed that the following issues were important concerns of the African American community: (1) Strengthening Men and Boys and Women and Girls; (2) Strengthening Families; (3) Unemployment/Poverty/Economic Empowerment; (4) Violence in Our Communities; (5) Racism; (6) AIDS and Health Issues; (7) Finding Ways to Welcome All to the Church; (8) Drug Recovery; (9) Incarceration; (10) Strengthening Education (Secular and Christian Education); (11) Addressing the Problem of Greed; and (12) The Environment.

Issues of Importance as of 2013

In reviewing national reports and data of relevance to African Americans, in national order of importance, but not necessarily in order of importance in your community, the issues now are:

  1. Unemployment/Poverty (Particularly poverty among children)

  2. Strengthening Education for grades Pre-K through 12

  3. Strengthening Families (Advocating locally and nationally for Programs that aid families of all types)

  4. Health Issues (Particularly Obesity, Diabetes, and HIV/AIDS)

  5. Incarceration (Opposing the Prison-Industrial Complex and Creating Programs for people released from prison)

  6. Economic Empowerment (Becoming Savers and Operating and Patronizing Black Businesses)

  7. Lessening Violence in our communities (Developing Programs for Youth and Advocating for Gun Control)

  8. Finding Ways to Welcome All into the Church (particularly the Disabled, the LGBT community, and persons released from prison)

  9. The Environment

  10. Racism (Particularly in home lending, business lending, and employment)

  11. Broadband and the Participation of African Americans in the Technology Revolution

  12.  Political Advocacy locally and nationally by politicians and non-elected advocates

2013 Units